Our company - philosophy / responsibility / policy

We know that the quality of our products is a very important basis for the further development of our company. Therefore, quality and quality management are key elements in our corporate policy. We pay special attention to the identification and fulfilment of customer and interesting parties and their requirements with regard to satisfy their specific interests. Reliability, flexibility and on-time deliveries are constant objectives of the business policy. 

As a certified supplier for the nuclear sector, we pay especially attention to the quality of our personnel and processes in order to ensure the high demands of the KTA 1401, QN100 Generic and the ISO 19443, for process reliability and quality throughout the entire process chain. We are aware that our products in this area of application must meet particularly high safety and quality standards, as well as the potential risks associated with the supply of counterfeit, fraudulent and suspicious items (CFSI) within the supply chain. For this reason, we only work with suppliers who can prove the quality and origin of the goods we require. Our processes ensure that non-compliant Counterfeit Fraudulent Suspect Items (CFSI) cannot be used. To this end, we pursue a purchasing strategy that seeks to develop and maintain strong supply chain relationships with our key strategic suppliers based on collaboration, integrity and mutual trust. Supplier qualifications are reviewed and verified at prescribed intervals by appropriately qualified and experienced personnel. This is done in accordance with the supplier selection, evaluation and re-evaluation process. All personnel involved in the procurement of goods have been informed of the potential for CFSI and advised that all goods must be purchased directly from manufacturers or from agreed and official distribution channels. If CFSI items are discovered in the supply chain, we will notify our customers to stop using that item and inform all other parties who may be using it. These items should then be quarantined and destroyed and not returned to the supplier to prevent them from re-entering the supply chain. 

The exact implementation of the special nuclear requirements is constantly reviewed by a specially trained and experienced project manager and supported by trained and selected project specialists over the entire project. This specially selected "nuclear project personnel" is regularly trained, throughout the entire process chain, as part of a project-related nuclear safety culture training to ensure always high safety and quality standards.

The topic of environmental protection has always played a major role in our company. To ensure that we remain a reliable and safe partner for all in future, the next step for us is to maintain an environmental management system. As a result, we are committed to not only observing all environmentally relevant laws and regulations but also to continuously and systematically improving internal environmental protection. We are committed to protecting the environment, which includes preventing environmental impacts.

The health and safety of our employees takes top priority. Human capital is one of our most important investments, which is why it is our job to protect this accordingly. Health and safety objectives are set and monitored on a regular basis. We aim for continuous improvement in this field through further training, instructions, the identification of hazards, protective equipment and other measures. 

The corporate strategy is defined annually insofar as the management sets quality, environmental and safety objectives. These objectives are substantiated in individual programmes in cooperation with the different departments. The programmes that are drawn up and their results are communicated to employees in an open an objective manner.

The management believes that one of its jobs is to encourage the employees’ sense of responsibility and quality and their awareness of environmental protection, to define basic responsibilities, corporate processes and procedures, to monitor the efficacy of the defined measures and to ensure the availability of the necessary means. To this end, the management has implemented rules in this management manual (MM) that are anchored in the following standards.

The international standards DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 19443 form the basis of the MM. The MM is binding for the company.

We are committed to following the rules set out ion the corporate manual and to meet our binding obligations.

All employees are invited to constantly cooperate in improving the management system.

The management’s goal is to consolidate and expand the market position with the defined corporate strategy, to spare the environment and its natural resources and to protect and uphold the health of the employees.

The Quality Management (QMB) and Environment Management Officer (UMB) as well as the Coordinator of Nuclear Safety are authorised by the management to ensure that the stipulations laid down in the MM are applied. They report directly to the management on a regular basis after internal audits and on special occasions about compliance with and the efficacy of the M system.

If contractually agreed, we disclose this MM and any M documents that are relevant for the order to our customers and are also prepared to haver the application of the M system verified.

Patrick Christmann                                      Peter Heine                         Dr. Joachim Krägeloh
Vice President | Managing Director          Managing Director             Director Quality