Corporate policy

We know that the quality of our products is the most important basis for the development of our company. For this reason quality and quality management are the key elements to our company policy. We devote our special attention to the evaluation and the fulfilment of customer requirements with the aim of achieving a high customer satisfaction. Dependability, flexibility and reliability of delivery are constant goals of the company policy.

Environment protection has always been of high importance to our company. To be a dependable and safe partner for EVERYONE in the future, it was an important step for us to introduce an environment management system.  We commit ourselves beyond the environmental laws and regulations to improve our factory environmental protection continuously and systematically.

The executives define the corporate strategy every year by establishing quality- and environmental goals . In cooperation with various departments the goals are accomplished by following special work-plans. The created plans and the results are presented to the employees.

The executives see it as their duty to encourage the quality- and environmental awareness as well as the reliability of the employees. Furthermore they determine responsibilities, business processes and sequences, control the effectiveness of actions and ensure the resource availability.
For this reason the executives have enacted regulations in the present management handbook (MH), that contains the following engineering standards.

The international standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 build the basis of the MH. The MH is binding on the company. We commit ourselves to follow the MH regulations. We request all employees continuously to work on the improvement of the management system.
The executives of the company SCHROEDAHL GmbH have the aim to strengthen and expand on their market position by following the corporate strategy, to protect the environment and the natural resources as well as securing the health of their employees.

The quality assurance representative of the company SCHROEDAHL GmbH is authorized by the executives to ensure that the standards laid down in the MH are established. The representative reports regularly after carrying out our House Audit or on special occasions whether the Management Standards are being realized. If agreed upon by contract, we show our customers the Management Handbook and Management Documents relevant to the order. We are also willing to have the application of the Management System tested.

The executives declare the contents of the MH to be binding.

Reichshof – Mittelagger, 02-04-2008

Management board