The SCHROEDAHL control valve.

Profit from our experience and know-how SCHROEDAHL has developed and produced control valves since 1962.

Control valves are a conventional form of pump protection. The system consists of the control valve with an attached drive mechanism, a flow measurement on the suction side of the pump as well as a control unit.

During the pump operation the flow rate is continuously measured, the results are transmitted to the control unit. If the required minimum flow rate of the pump is not sustained, the control unit opens the control valve and allows the necessary flow of material(for example oil, gas, seawater, chemical solutions). The destruction of the pump through cavitation or overheating is prevented.

SCHROEDAHL offer technically mature and worldwide approved control valve systems, that are pre-set at an optimum according to your specifications.

Our experienced technicians and mechanics willingly undertake the exact fine adjustments and calibration of the systems components during the commissioning on site.

Of course, we will be present for maintenance and servicing of the control system (for example checking the calibration