Specialist in the oil and gas sector.

We offer you permanent reliable pump protection for your business in the up- and downstream of oil and gas.

SCHROEDAHL develops and produces high quality pump protection valves for the up- and downstream segments.

They are applied on offshore platforms, FPSO- (Floating Production Storage Offloading) or FSO- (Floating Storage Offloading) ships as well as in refineries and plants in the chemical industry.

The SCHROEDAHL- pump protection- and control valves are combinable with various types of pumps

  • Crude oil pumps, extraction and transport
  • Pumps for liquid-gas, liquid-gas fuel, benzine, liquid ammoniac
  • Pumps for liquid process material
  • Booster- or auxiliary-pumps.
  • Seawater-Injection pumps.
  • Fire fighting pumps.

Because our products are applied in the toughest conditions, we manufacture at the highest quality level.

The entire production- and manufacturing is in a line with the national and international regulations and engineering standards (DIN, UVV, Vd TUV, AD-data sheets, TRD, ASME, ANSI such as DIN ISO 9001 / EN 29001).

Furthermore, only high quality materials are used, from carbon steel to stainless steel duplex, to ensure permanent reliability through immaculate function.