power & process

Long lasting high-end valves for perfected processes.

SCHROEDAHL, with decades of experience, belongs to the world leaders for high quality control valve solutions.

With our intensive, intelligent and highly professional engineering we contribute to safe, economically optimised processes in power plants as well as to industrial systems.

We see ourselves as sophisticated problem solvers, who think beyond the requirements of the singular control valve to evaluate the entire process. In this way we evoke solutions beyond standards and point a way for the market.

On the way to especially high quality products we use our vast know-how as well as the Finite Element Method (FEM). Every control valve, that leaves our company , is exactly and individually custom made to the specific requirements of the system. For this purpose we simulate the application flow and investigate where increased stresses and strains occur in the valve and where we can systematically minimize potential risks and wear.

Quality and safety are of the utmost importance to us and for this reason we do not compromise on these points. Every SCHROEDAHL product undergoes intensive stress and strain testing on the in-house test bench before delivery. Experience shows that the tests are adventageous. SCHROEDAHL products are not prone to repairs, they convince by an especially long life.

According to requirements SCHROEDAHL control valves can be applied in pressure-, temperature-, and level-regulator circuits as well as in volume regulator circuits in all areas of power plant and in many industrial processes.

SCHROEDAHL products in the power & process segment:

  • Automatic pump protection valves
  • Control valves for pump protection
  • Special high pressure control valves for water- and steam-circuits
  • Steam conversion valves and turbine bypass stations
  • Superheated steam cooler